Are you ready to change your life?

Are you tired of going throught life on autopilot?

Are you tired of feeling stressed and anxious?

Are you ready to find clarity and purpose in your life?

Are you ready to open your heart to infinite possibilities available to you?

Do you want to have more time to do the things that are truly important to you?



This course is a time of self-discovery for you to learn tools and proven strategies that will allow you to live a more balanced life and deepen your connection to yourself, your family and friends.


During the course we will cover the following:

Week 1: Clarity - getting clear about you want.  We will go deeper into your reasons why to help you get true clarity of what you want in life.

Week 2: Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotaging Patterns.

Week 3: Our Thoughts and our Responses to them.

Week 4: Our Emotions and the Emotional Guidance Scale

Week 5: The Power of Words - What is your "I am story?" and How to rewrite it.

Week 6: Self-love, Self-compassion, Self-care.  What creates true happiness?

Week 7: Everything is Energy - How your energy impacts every aspect of your life.

Week 8: The Balance Procedure

Week 9: Your personalised balanced strategy to move foward.


A video lesson will be released each week into a private on-line members' area with the lesson for that week. The videos will be between 5-10 minutes long.

You will receive an email each week with that week's lesson transcript and any worksheets for that week.

The will be a private facebook group where you will receive support and inspiration.

Each week there will be a group mastermind for 60-90 minutes in a virtual classroom with your fellow course participants.  If you are new to masterminds you are in for a treat.  During these sessions we will discuss that week's lesson, share with eachother in a supportive way and if you have any problems you get Lavinia's expertise guildance combined with the help of your fellow group members.


Lavinia Sanders is an Award Winning, International Energy Balancing Trainer, Author of Notes to My Younger Self - Pay it Forward Series Volume 3 (Release date 13 March 2020).  Lavinia is an Inspirational Speaker and is passionate about people taking responsibility for creating their own life.  Her simple 3 step method to creating more balance in your life is a combination of Eastern Philosophies and Western Neuroscience, proven to help her clients create more clarity, increase their confidence, smash through their limiting beliefs and to understand the power of their thoughts and emotions.  She believes we all have one life on this earth and the time is NOW to discover "The Power of Balance" and experience the magic of all that life has to offer.


There are no coincidences if you are reading this you have attracted this course into your life.  

The Power of Balance 9 Week Online Course 6th January 2020

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