Are you ready to change your life? 

Are you tired of going through life on autopilot?

Do you want more time to do the things that are truly important to you?

Are you ready to find clarity and purpose in your life?

Are you ready to move forward in your life?

This course is a time of self discovery for you to learn tools and proven strategies that will allow you to live a more balanced life and will deepen your connection to yourself, your family and friends.



Clarity and Confidence to move forward in life


Identify triggers and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in life


An understanding of

Who you are

What you want and

Where you are now


Tamasine White

I have been so very lucky to train with Lavinia.  She is a truly gifted lady and anyone who gets the chance to work her is very lucky..  She has helped me to help myself to start living instead of just existing.  She has helped me get my life back on track after years feeling lost.

Dee Agirdici-maher

Wow, I would like to thank you Lavinia and the wonderful training last week in the Balance Procedure.  My real purpose is emerging an as a result of the training I am going through amazing transformation. I would highly recommend the Balance Procedure Training.

Mrs M Clee

The one day workshop that I did with Lavinia has changed my life.  I feel in control of my destiny and I am now creating the life I want rather than just reacting to circumstance around me.  Thank you. I would highly recommend working with Lavinia if you get the chance.