Hi, welcome to my website,
I am Lavinia owner of Balance with Lavinia.

I am not going to list my professional credentials here, there is a link at the bottom that has my official biography that you can check out. I have decided to tell you about me, what I believe, what I love, what makes my heart sing and my personal journey that has led me to becoming the creator of fully accredited courses, retreats, and to speak about how to create more balance in all aspects of your life.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland and from a young age had the wisdom of my large extended family, my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Family is very important to me and always has been. I have always loved dancing and I competed when I was younger. This is something that has stayed with me throughout my life, and I can instantly raise my energetic vibration by playing some of my favourite music and having a shimmy around my kitchen. I am always first on the dance floor. I love art and all things creative. I knit, sew, make jewellery, cook, bake and I love repurposing anything and everything. I am at my happiest outside at some form of live event, music, theatre, festival, wellness event or just with my family and friend in my garden. It is important for me to expand my mind, to learn and grow and have fun in the process. I consider myself a spiritual and intuitive soul. I love all things woo woo but I believe to create magic with the woo woo you have got to take some aligned, inspired action.

My early career was in Financial Services and then Marketing and PR in London. It was in London that I met my husband and we moved to live and work in Singapore and then Hong Kong. Our first daughter was born in Hong Kong and when we moved back to UK, we were blessed with the birth of our second daughter. When we lived in Hong Kong I started working for a Food and Beverage Company with a sister Company “The Wine Institute of Asia, and it was then I started doing wine exams. When we moved back to UK, I started working in the Wine Industry with one of the leading Wine Experts for a couple of years.

I have always had a love of all things holistic and have studied many modalities over the years including, Reflexology, the Language of the Feet, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, NLP, Spiritual Life Coach, Angel and Oracle Reader, Numerology, Astrology and various energy modalities including EFT, The Balance Procedure and Reiki. I set up my holistic business 20 years ago. That business grew organically and evolved into Balance with Lavinia.

My world came tumbling down 5 years ago, when I got diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Despite having many skills and tools that I was using to help other women with cancer and various chronic illnesses, when it comes to yourself that is a different story. It was at this time that I discovered The Balance Procedure, and it really helped me to navigate my cancer treatment and gain an insight on what was truly important to me. Today my life on the outside looks similar to what it was before I got cancer, but it could not be more different. Before, I would worry internally about everything, making sure everyone was happy and ok, trying to make sure everything was perfect, not thinking about what I needed or wanted. What I do different now, I consciously create my day and I really enjoy the beauty and simple things in life. I am grateful every day for all that I have and all that is possible. As a result of putting my focus on what I love and believe in, my reality has changed beyond even my expectations. My business has grown to an International Business. I have worked sharing my workshops and retreats in Ireland, France, Dubai, Cape Town, Holland, Spain and all over the UK including Neals Yard London, and Glastonbury. I have been interviewed on various radio stations, podcasts, magazines and local business groups. I had the opportunity in 2020 to join 17 phenomenal women from around the world to tell our stories in a book “Notes to my Younger Self – Pay it Forward Series – Volume 3”. The book became a No 1 International Best-Selling Book in 8 countries around the world. The reason I tell you this, is not to impress you, I tell you this because when you have the tools to consciously create your life anything can happen, anything is possible.  

I believe we are all unique, and we are all connected. By being our true self, we can move forward in life with ease and grace to live a peaceful life full of joy and balance.

Today is your day.