Lavinia is the founder and CEO of Balance with Lavinia.    She is an International Best Selling Co-Author, an Award Winning International Motivational Speaker and Energy Balancing Trainer, Reiki Master and Clarity Creator.  She is passionate about helping people connect with themselves, transform their lives and create more balance, confidence, abundance and freedom. Her simple 3 step method is a process you actively take part in to transform any doubts or fears that maybe blocking your success.  Lavinia believes we all need to take responsibility for creating the life we want.


Lavinia came from a corporate background and has worked in London, Singapore and Hong Kong.  She was always interested in a holistic approach to health and well-being.  She left her corporate career after the birth of her second daughter and set up a holistic practice specialising in helping people with chronic pain, chronic illness, cancer patients particularly women with breast cancer.  Her own personal world came crashing down in July 2015 when she got diagnosed with breast cancer.  Despite all her experience helping others when it came to herself she struggled.  It was at this time she became very aware of the power of our thoughts and how they impact on our reality.  She trained in an energy technique called the balance procedure and with industry experts in the developments in neuroscience and has combined eastern philosophies and western neuroscience to come up with her own simple 3 step method to help create more balance in your life.

Lavinia runs a monthly membership programme The Balance Connection,  fully accredited workshops, retreats, on-line courses and one to one sessions in How to Live a Balanced Life.