The Power of Balance

9 Module Online Training Programme


Do you feel stuck and anxious about the future?
Do you crave for harmony and balance in your life?
Do you want to have more time to do the things that are truly important to you?
Are you ready to find clarity and purpose in in your life?

Award Winning Trainer, Lavinia Sanders, has created a course based on her chapter in the #1 International Best Seller, Notes to my Younger Self,
Pay it Forward Series, Volume 3, “The Power of Balance”.  

Lavinia’s unique approach to creating a balanced more meaningful life is quick and easy to put into practice.

You will learn how to ask the right questions so you can get to know yourself better, eliminate old ideas that are not working
and try out new and easy approaches to consciously creating your life. 


In the class you will discover how to:-
Closely examine the “Life Story” that has brought you to where you are today.
Shift your thinking and learn how to focus on life as a journey rather than a means to an end. Understand your thoughts and the emotions they create and how they impact on the actions you take in life.
What makes you happy and how to create more of it in your life.
Learn techniques to navigate negative emotions.
Shift out of a limiting mindset.
Improve your relationship with yourself and others.
Relieve Stress and Anxiety and develop greater emotional resilience.
How to have more FUN.  

This Course is for you if:-
Your life feels out of balance.
You feel stressed or anxious.
You want to shed your irrational fears, stop undervaluing yourself and quiet the inner critic.
You feel stuck in your life and you are unsure what direction to take.
If you want to develop more meaningful connection with yourself and others.
You feel tired, exhausted, overwhelmed or lacking in energy.
You are experiencing any form of loss or chronic illness.
You find it difficult to make decisions and find yourself procrastinating.
You want to increase your self-confidence.
You want to learn to balance your energy so you can achieve more.
You know there is more to life and need a gently nudge in the right direction.
You want to live a peaceful, joyful life. 



“The Power of Balance on-line course really helped me gain clarity in my life.  I was feeling like I was on a hamster wheel and just couldn’t find a way to stop and get off.  The course is really easy to follow and I found it very interesting as I have never really done any inner work on myself.  I love the T.E.A. method and use it every day.  I now find that I am much happier and a lot less stressed.  I have gone on to do more training with Lavinia as I find her teaching style very informative in a gentle and fun way.  I would highly recommend this course you definitely won’t regret it and if you follow the programme you will definitely gain more balance and peace in your life.”
Annmarie – Bristol, UK 

“I would recommend this course for anyone who suffers with anxiety.  My anxiety levels are much lower than they use to be.  I now have tools I can use every day.  I am much more productive and I now mange my energy better and I found this really helped me with studying for my college exams.”
Lauren, Leeds, UK 

“I love the Power of Balance, it was my first introduction into the wonderful Lavinia.  She makes everything so easy and fun.  This course has really helped me get focused on what I really want.  My relationship with my son has improved dramatically since I took this course but I realise it is not my son but me and how I am now responding and also I am taking into account what I want.  Thank you Lavinia”.
Liesa, Kent, UK 

“Wow!!!   I feel so blessed & balance, like new born baby & completely fully charged!!! I can’t say enough times Thank You! You are right, everything is changing & I feel so much more positive, my energy has increased and I am definitely happier especial when I  practice my T.E.A. I experienced Amazing unforgettable moments with Lavinia and the team! I’m HOME now 🙏”.  
Sylwia, London, UK 


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